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   New Release Dec. 2019:  Learning Lore Letters, an ABCWorkbook

    with original drawings by Lea Beall :  A new kind of

    AlphaBet experience ! Alphabet Symbols are

    incoporated into the drawings. Whimsical sentences teach

    letter sounds.  Click on the book cover for more ! >>

F Fred Fox ABC page

Patches Adventure  Books

Patches stars in his 3rd book!  That Tennessee Hound is invited to travel with his family to TeXaS.  Patches meets a bully, some pesky geese, a staring alligator, and a new pal on his journey to Texas.  The reason he is on the trip is such a mystery that even Patches doesn't know what it is!  Enjoy this silly story written from a dog's perspective!

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Book Cover, The Stinkaroo Dog



with pop-ups



Fall in love with Patches, that Tennessee Hound,aka, The Stinkaroo Dog, and enjoy his antics as if he were your very own country hound as he navigates the difficulties or understanding his people! Large vocabulary words like o-dor-if-er-ous are divided into syllables. NEW EDITION with GLOSSARY!

Join Patches as he embarks on another adventure in his Christmas book. The Tennessee Hound must solve a mystery about a damaged Christmas ornament, navigate an encounter with the cats, Trouble and Roger-That.. Amid these household difficulties, he also suffers anxiety about his status with Santa and the family. Is his name on the naughty list? Large words like re-li-gious & tra-di-tion are divided into syllables to help young readers learn to sound out words.



Here's another primer with the

special weighted font to help dyslexic students & early readers. Gus the duck has a little trouble adjusting to his new home and the exuberant dog, Wit, at Farmer Bill's. A comic story with art meant to engage the reluctant reader. This book has amusing drawings in black and white.

Here it is, the NEW ABC book with whimsical pictures to color & fun sentences that teach letter sounds. Dotted lines for handwriting practice.

A primer that will make you laugh! 

Single syllable words and short vowels. Farmer Bill oversees a comic dispute over a fig between two of his animals: Wit and Dim. This color version has a font that helps beginning readers and dyslexic students see the difference between oft confused letters like b, d, p,& q. This book helps readers practice the 'a' and 'i' sounds.

Color version now available in paperback!




(interior in Black and White).

Same special font! Same story.

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