Here are some sample Activity pages that go with the The Stinkaroo Dog & the FORBIDDEN PortalYou'll find a crossword puzzle and other pages. There's also a funny reading quiz to see if you remember the story!  Find sample art pages on a separate tab above.

To PRINT, click on the page you want, it will popup, then right click, select COPY and paste it in a document.  Adjust margins, then you can print it from there. With some browsers like Firefox and Chrome, you may have to Paste the Copy into Paint and print from there.

NOTE: The author and artist give permission for these pages to be printed for individual use.

Crossword Puzzle

The Stinkaroo Dog Crossword

Animal Matchup for Younger Readers

Match the Animals listed in the book to their names.

Funny Comprehension QUIZ

Book Comprehension Quiz


UnScRaMbLe Game

Unscramble Game

ANSWERS to Crossword PLUS Word Bank

Answers to Crossword and Word Bank

Plot Diagram with Definitions

Let your child practice handwriting or letter writing on this printable lined stationery!


Answer Sheet for Stinkaroo Dog Activity Pages