Fun Pages for Texas Trail TRip

Here are some sample fun pages.  The creator of the pages, that's me! gives permission for these to be printed for personal use or for small classrooms.  To print, Click on the picture, when it opens in a popup, Right Click and select COPY then paste in a document & print. With some browsers like Firefox and Chrome, you may have to Paste the Copy into Paint and print from there. Adjust margins & resize image if needed. ANSWER PAGE BELOW.


Synonym Page 1

Synonym pawprints for page 1& 2

Synonym Page 2

Reading Quiz for

The Historical Texas Trail Trip;

3 pages of Funny Questions to check

Reading Comprehension

Reading QUiz for TX Trail TRip Pg 1 FINA
Reading QUiz for TX Trail TRip Pg 2 FINA
Reading QUiz for TX Trail TRip Pg 3 FINA

Coloring page

Chicken scatter coloring page.jpg



Answer page for TX Trail TRip pages FINA