Samples of New Book:

Learning Lore Letters   by Lea Beall

Experience a new kind of ABC book! Each letter of the alphabet is incorporated into a picture so when kids remember the image they will think of the letter and letter sound. Dotted lines help with handwriting practice. Below are samples of my Alphabet Book, which is now available. All the alphabet pages in the book have tracing lines. You can print the samples below to get your child started with alphabet practice & coloring.

To PRINT: Click on the drawing, then Right Click, select Copy, and paste in a document or application like Paint. To find out more or to buy the new alphabet workbook: 

Learning Lore Letters    Click Here  >>  

These pages are protected by registered copyright. Author gives permission for these pages to be printed for personal use.

A Alvin Ant with lines FINAL.jpg
B Bart Bear FINAL FINAL with practice li
C Cathy Cat with practice lines, sentnc.
D Dot Dog coloring page
Edgar Elephant coloring page
Ollie Octopus coloring page