Art Pages for Primers

Hi!  You found the Art Page for the primers: Bill at Wit's End and Gus the DuckKids will enjoy interacting with characters from the book. These are printable pages. Stand-up characters can be cut out by adults; just bend the tabs back to make them stand. There are coloring pages, also.  Flashcards for primers are under the Educational Resource tab under Flashcards heading on the MENU.


To PRINT, click on the page you want, then Right Click and select Copy. After that you can paste it in a document, adjust margins and PRINT!  With some browsers like Firefox and Chrome, you may have to Paste the Copy into Paint and print from there.

The artist, that's me, gives permission for these pages to be printed for individual use.

Bill at Wit's End

Wit hid the fig. Coloring page.

Gus the Duck

The bugs hid in the mud. Coloring page.
Colorig page. Dog and Duck swim.