Newsy Notes by Lea 


Print-A-Primer is a new page on my website. I have one of my beginning readers on that page as a PDF. It can be printed out from your computer so little ones learning to read will have a book. Bill at Wit's End is the story of Farmer Bill's pet pig and dog who are arguing over a fig. A simple lesson in conflict resolution is taught as the dog, Wit, gives up his claim to the fig to resolve his problems with his pig pal, Dim. This comic tale is all short vowel, one syllable words. Text is printed in a weighted font that helps young readers and dyslexic students see the difference in oft confused letters like, p, d, b, and q.

No need to order and wait on delivery. No shipping charges. No need to leave the house to shop for a book. Just click, buy, download and print!

Go to this link to buy the book (reduced price)>> Bill At Wit's End.

Needing a review on multiplying and cancelling fractions. I've got a new PDF document for that! See my Educational Resources tab and go to MATH REVIEW. You will find a download teaching this concept on one page with practice problems on the next. Solutions are provided.

Hi Everyone! Is your student struggling with directions on how to convert square units. Are you? Or does your student need an extra review? Sometimes it helps when someone new explains a concept. I just created a new math worksheet on the subject. This teaches how to convert square units by creating conversion fractions and using them to cancel out units within an equation and thus change units.. Assumed is that the student knows how to multiply fractions and how to cancel within the equation to simplify before multiplying. This is a printable page. Take a look at the PDF at this link>>

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