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    The Stinkaroo Dog and the FORBIDDEN Portal  is written to appeal to grades 3-8. Large words are divided into syllables to help readers sound out the words. After Patches discovers some intriguing odors and has some mischievous fun, his owners have second thoughts about his house privileges.  The humorous illustrations in this book are lovingly done by hand and were colored with chalk.  In this way, I feel I am connecting my reader to the story & my ideas. .The newest edition has  a Glossary in the back. The Educational Resources Tab on this website allows kids, parents & teachers to print off the Crossword Puzzle, Funny Comprehension Quiz and more. Coloring Pages are available so kids of all ages can enjoy interacting with the characters. Contact Lea (LEE) at for speaking engagements if you would like her to teach a classroom How To Draw a Dog Like Patches or teach a lesson on plot structure using her book.  A Patches Activity Book will be out soon which will include the pages on the Educational Resources tab and MORE.

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Watch a video! The author talks about her book: The StInKaRoO DoG & the FORBIDDEN Portal, and the teaching resources she created to accompany it.  See illustrations inside the book and watch the original book trailer!

Once Upon a Dreamland Christmas ~~

    Once Upon a Dreamland Christmas is the second book in the Patches Adventure Story series. This book is for grades 3-8. Art and adventure encourage the reluctant reader to pursue the story to the end! Larger, 3-syllable words are divided the first time they are used to encourage young readers to "sound out" the words. The holiday theme builds anticipation. The art in this book is handcrafted by the author.  A printable Crossword Puzzle to encourage spelling and vocabulary retention awaits readers of this tale.  Free Coloring pages and a Stand-Up Nativity Scene encourage activity and a second reading of the book. (Activity Pages found on this website). Once again the illustrious, undaunting hero, Patches, shows his comic side as he solves a mystery, handles some troublesome cats, and discusses his status on the naughty list with Santa! 58 pages.

Hear the author discuss her Christmas book in this video.  See pictures inside the book!

NOW AVAILABLE:  The Historical TEXAS Trail Trip!  Another Patches Adventure Book.

       Patches stars in his 3rd book!  That Tennessee Hound is invited to travel with his family to TeXaS.  Patches meets a bully at a Rest Area, some pesky geese, a staring alligator, and a new pal on his journey to Texas.  The reason he is on the trip is such a mystery that even Patches doesn't know what it is.  Enjoy this silly story written from a dog's perspective!

Find wonderful, playful illustrations by the author, Lea Beall. Free printable sample Activity Pages are under the Educational Resources Tab on this 

Quotable quotes from Patches in his new book:


I stood my ground and bayed this message:

Bark! Arf! You better get back!

Ruff, ruff! I’m back on the track!

Foxes who cause trouble

Get turned into rubble! 

I’m home from Texas and

I’m ready for a ruckus!

I’m meaner and louder. 

I’m sterner and prouder.

I’ll run you to the ground

Cause I’m a Tennessee hound. 

Keep off of my lot, you Rot!


Ah, yes.  There’s no place like home when you have a Tennessee hound who serves and protects!

Bill at Wit's End~~

This story is the tale of Bill the Farmer having difficulties with his pet pig and dog. The action centers around a fig that both animals want.  A simple lesson is taught on conflict resolution. This story is written with short vowels and single syllables for the beginning reader. The font is weighted to help beginning readers and dyslexic student see the difference in similar letters. The  art is hand-drawn  because beginning readers can appreciate art, too. The art is meant to engage the reluctant reader. The student can practice the "a" and "i" sounds with this reader. The color version is available in a digital copy from amazon.  The black & white paperback is available at Teaching tips are at the back of the book. FREE flashcards are available at this link: Bill at Wit's End Flashcards. See below for an inside peek at some illustrations.

The pig bit WIt see in book.jpg

Gus the Duck~~

If your child read the first primer, then he will recognize Wit the dog in this book & see Dim the pig in the background.  Farmer Bill has added a new duck to his menagerie.  Gus has a little trouble adjusting to his new home and that rambunctious farm dog. Can Gus and Wit get along?  Find out in this primer written with single syllables and easy to read font. This book helps students practice the "u" sound. Amusing hand drawn illustrations capture the attention of the new reader and keep the child laughing. Find printable flashcards HERE.  See some illustrations inside the book below.  This is available as a paperback in black and white.

Learning Lore Letters: an ABC Workbook


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Learning Lore Letters  is a new kind of alphabet workbook created to help parents & educators teach the alphabet & and its sounds to beginners. This fun approach can be especially useful if a child is struggling with phonics. Each page has a whimsical sentence which is meant to entertain the child & teach the letter sound. The letter on each page has been incorporated into the drawing in hopes that the letter name & sound will come to mind when the picture is colored or remembered.

     The dotted letter lines have tracing steps indicated by shapes to show where to begin & which steps to follow when practicing hand-writing.  No number recognition is needed for the tracing steps as the ordered steps are indicated with sets of shapes, such as stars, dots, & squares in white, gray & black.

     To get the most benefit from these pages, I suggest that the teacher or parent read the sentence to the child while the child looks at the illustration. The student can then trace the letter with his finger when he finds it inside the picture, then he can trace the dotted letters before coloring the drawing or practicing handwriting. Keep in mind that the child may learn sounds without being able to write or trace the letters accurately.

     Hope you enjoy this resource as you watch children around you grow into readers!

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