Christmas Arts and Activity Fun

For Christmas time!  Here's some printable Activity pages.  You'll find a Nativity Set with characters from Once Upon A Dreamland Christmas, Coloring Pages, and a CROSSWORD PUZZLE(scroll down), and a Spelling Puzzler Page! 


To PRINT, click on the page you want, it will popup, then right click, select COPY and paste it in a document.  With some browsers like Firefox and Chrome, you may have to Paste the Copy into Paint and print from there. Change the Page Layout to "Landscape" if you need to. You can also resize the picture in a document by pulling the corner out with your mouse. Adjust margins, then you can print it from there. You may need to allow pop-ups for this page.

(The artist, that's me, gives permission for these pictures & pages to be printed for personal use in the home or for small classrooms).

 ~ Spelling Puzzlers Page & Answers ~  

SPelLiNG Puzzlers FINAL BEST pg 1.jpg
SPelLiNG Puzzlers FINAL BEST pg 2.jpg
SPelLiNG Puzzlers FINAL BEST pg 3.jpg

     Crossword Puzzle & Answers

Crossword Puzzle, clues p.2
Crossword Puzzle, Answers

This is Trouble, the cat, from the book, but you can color him like he is your own cat!

Print out a stand-up Patches!

cat for coloring draw object shadow unde

Printable directions for Nativity background.

Click to see larger or print. This activity is intended for older children who are mature enough to handle a coat-hanger. An adult should bend the wire hanger.

Shepherd and Fish-King for Nativity background.

Magi fish & shepherd fish NEWEST NOV 201

Color Baby Jesus

Multiple Manger Scenes

~~ Print off, color, cut out, &

     paste on gift bags

Baby Jesus Coloring Page