Flashcards for Gus the Duck

Flashcards  can help new readers learn to sound out and recognize words. Below you will find an exhaustive list of words from Gus the Duck in flashcard form. Print them out to help your beginning reader learn to read Gus the Duck by Lea Beall.


To PRINT, just click on an individual picture below.  When it pops-up, right click and select COPY. After that you will be able to paste it in a document on your computer.

Set your word processor to Landscape, adjust margins and PRINT!  With some browsers like Firefox and Chrome, you may have to Paste the Copy into Paint and print from there. We like to print these out on card-stock so they will last longer.  You could also laminate them before cutting them out.

Gus the Duck, flashcard
Flashcards G, for primer