12 x 12=144

Math Review

 a² + b² = c²

 Hi, I decided to add some Math Review Worksheets.  Trying to think of the basics that are most often needed for review. Check back as more pages are added.

Hope these are helpful!! These are FREE printables!! Click to print.  After pop-up opens, Right Click, select COPY and paste in a document or app like Paint and print from there.

Geometry Shape Review

Shape review in B&W jpg.jpg

Shape Review in COLOR

Shape Review Answers

Fun Math Review

These are fun creative ideas for games to encourage math review.  Print off! Just click on the image.

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      & read!!

Review Squares

Drill page 1

Drill page 2

ANSWERS to Drill pages

 Review for Squares to 15; click to see larger or print

Memorize squares to 15.jpg