12 x 12=144

Math Review

 a² + b² = c²

 Hi, I decided to add some Math Worksheets. Check back as more pages are added. Hope these are helpful!! These are FREE printables!! Click to print.  After pop-up opens, Right Click, select COPY and paste in a document or app like Paint and print from there. For a copy of the PDF click on the icon & it will open in your browser.

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Geometry Shape Review

Shape review in B&W jpg.jpg

Shape Review in COLOR

Shape Review Answers

These are fun creative ideas for games to encourage math review.  Print off! Just click on the image.

Fun Ways to Review Math Facts

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 Review for Squares to 15; click to see larger or to print.

Review Squares

Drill page 1

Drill page 2

ANSWERS to Drill pages

Memorize squares to 15.jpg
Metric conversions using 2 fractions
Sample of Metric conversion worksheet

Converting Metric Units:   Converting Metric Units can be taught in several ways. One way is just moving the decimal around.  The method shared here is using fractions to convert units.  Converting Units with Fractions is a skill that will also be used in Physics and Chemistry in High School, so this is good practice and preparation for those classes. It involves using the units in fraction problems and cancelling out units. You can click on the PDF and download and print from there, or click on the sample pages to view them. The PDF has 6 pages that teach Metric Conversions and has some practice problems and the solutions.

Metric Conversions Problems
Converting Metric Units
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Converting Square Units:  These pages teach how to convert square units by creating conversion fractions and using them to cancel out units within an equation and thus change units.. Assumed is that the student knows how to multiply fractions and how to cancel within the equation to simplify before multiplying. Practice problems & answer page included.

Example to view.

PDF to download & print.

Reducing and Cancelling Fractions before Multiplying:  

These pages teach how to reduce and cancel fractions before multiplying so reducing is not always necessary. Pre-requisite is knowing how to multiply fractions though there is a short review on that. Practice problems and solutions included.

Multiplying and simplifying fractions.jp

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Four Page Document and Worksheets on Reducing and Cancelling Fractions

 before Multiplying.

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