I created this file as an alternate way for people to buy this book. Some families are needing Educational Resources, inexpensively and quickly. It is a downloadable PDF that can be printed from a computer. I suggest printing the cover page on card-stock, and stapling the book together on the short side 3x.

This is the tale of Bill the Farmer having difficulties with his pet pig, Dim, and his dog, Wit. The action centers around a fig that both animals want.  A simple lesson is taught on conflict resolution. This story is written with short vowels and single syllables for the beginning reader. The font is weighted to help beginning readers and dyslexic student see the difference in similar letters. The student can practice the "a" and "i" sounds with this reader. 

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Example page:

Teaching tips are at the back of the book.  FREE flashcards are available at this link: Bill at Wit's End Flashcards.

Print - A - Primer

Bill at Wit's End

Click on icon below for FREE Cover for book.  Use this as a test to see if you can download a PDF. Also, print on card-stock for book cover or coloring page.